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Audio Podcast & Charts from my SXSW Interactive 2012 Panel


Had a great time presenting at SXSW Interactive 2012 with Jason Stoddard. I especially enjoyed the gamified market simulation that we ran. Afterall it is called Interactive right? I think the attendees had a great time too and special thanks to my friend Will Staney who dressed up as a chicken to help us with the market simulation of a big business selling eggs against a small business. Jason Stoddard and I did some role reversal to make sure that we also learned to apply the concepts we covered in the presentation. So in the simulation, he was the Big Business and I was the Small Business. Here are links to our charts and to the audio podcast of our session. If you attended, thanks for coming! If you missed it, enjoy the slides and the podcast, but you missed out on fun and prizes including Firefly LED bulbs in the simulation. Here are more photos from our session.